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The Benefits of a Clean Home

It’s called home because we live in it. A house is just a structure. A home is the place we live with our family, eat meals, do life, make memories…and yes, make messes. A clean house makes you feel better and alleviates some stress. A clean home makes you feel a little more in control, and keeps you from thinking of all the things you need to do before you can relax. A long day at work, followed by the bustle of dinner, homework, and other evening activities like dance, music, baseball, cheerleading and so on doesn’t leave much time for cleaning, does it?

Your Life Maid Simple is here to help. It’s simple really, we’re here to help you have that clean home and get to enjoy all of life’s moments that we all know pass by too fast.

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Live More. Clean Less.

Check out this article about the 9 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home. Don’t underestimate the power of clean!

Your Life Maid Simple uses All Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaner By Nature

Your Life Maid Simple uses natural cleaning products from Better Life. Clean shouldn’t sting. It doesn’t need neon dyes, and it shouldn’t have to wear perfume. At Better Life, we develop all of our products in-house to ensure we’re creating the safest, best performing products, without compromise. Amazing things happen when you take the toxins out of the household cleaners.

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As we began planning to create Your Life Maid Simple, our purpose was to make life easier. Our family, like so many has been challenged to find and keep a consistent cleaning service. Usually they start out great, but over time things start to be missed. Families, like ours, with kids involved in activities and are constantly running from point A to point Z. Families are doing their best to support their kids, prepare or provide meals (yeah, eating out is a common occurrence), take care of school work, and the list goes on. We know how true the saying “trying to clean your house with kids in it is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos”. It really is. We also know that no matter how true that statement is, we don’t want to live in a home that isn’t clean.

Your Life Maid Simple is different. Different from others. When Your Life Maid Simple comes to clean for you, our priority will be to make you feel good. We want you to immediately see and smell things that help you relax. A clean house, the smell of essential oils making it feel like a spa, and our extra special touch – flowers just for you. Your Life Maid Simple wants you to look forward to each visit.
You deserve the best. You’ve earned it. We can’t wait for you to see the difference Your Life Maid Simple can make for you. See for yourself at

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